Bend Us - the Story of the Welsh Revival

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Bend Us – the Story of the Welsh Revival

a new musical by Dave Frincke

A sound once filled the valleys of Wales.
A collision of song, prayer, testimony, and repentance.
Unplanned, unrehearsed, yet Divinely conducted.
The sound traveled from town to town, leaving in its wake a converted symphony of precious souls.
The culture was changed.
The nation was transformed.
The world was impacted.
The sound will return.
And the world will hear it again as it rises from the valleys.

Bend Us tells the compelling and thoroughly-researched story of the 1904 revival in Wales – a series of events which changed an entire culture, and led to revivals all across the earth. Through the eyes of young Florrie Evans, we see how a new wave of spiritual conviction affected first the nations’ young people, and then everyone else – including footballers and mine workers. Bend Us uses a combination of authentic hymn melodies used during the revival and new original songs.

Thanks be to Him, thanks be to Him
For ever remembering the dust of the earth

Produce Bend Us

Bend Us is now available for production by theaters, schools & churches. For information on obtaining an evaluation script & score and pricing info, please contact us.

Rises from the Valleys

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